The Keeper and the Kept

400 Year Old Monastery (Sikkim, India)
Photo by Kimberly Martin, July 2018 (Sikkim, India)

discretion and indiscretion,

a dichotomous pair.

one always working in tandem with the other.

be discreet he says…she says…they say.

but, do continue with the indiscretions please.

her entire life—a dance between the two.

a circus performer.

she walks the tight rope.

between the spotlight and the shadows,

always one slip away from plunging to the ground.

no trampoline to break the fall.

even the most skilled performers slip and fall sometimes.

 what if she could walk both feet on the ground?

feeling the Earth beneath her toes.

just once in a while…

but the crowd cheers for her,

begs for her,

affords fares for her.

 walk on air they say.

please be discreet in your indiscretions.

eyes up.






be less than what you are,

THAT is all we can allow.

 may she live out loud,

free to simply be?

no dancing between the lines,

moving in and out of shadows.

appeasing them.

pleasing them.

entertaining them.

giving them…her every thing, but no thing.

 can they love her as she is?

and who is she besides what they made her?

 ~ Unapologetically Written Because She Should Have

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