My name is Kimberly Martin and I am a graduate student in the Women’s and Gender Studies program at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. I obtained my BA of Psychology, with minors in Religious Studies and Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies, from Guilford College University in 2015. My research interests include carceral studies, criminal justice reform, trauma, and human trafficking. I am fascinated with East Asian philosophies and culture. I routinely spend time abroad in SE Asia, both academically and for personal enrichment, to better understand deeper spiritual practices and a way of life I feel has the potential to transform hearts and wars. Additionally, I advocate for holistic wellness, especially for women who often forego their own self-care when prioritizing care for others.

My most current research centers carceral spaces such as mental healthcare and prison industries in the U.S. as institutions compounding traumas. This work explores how race, gender, poverty and trauma intersect with crime and punishment; pointing to how trauma often precludes criminal involvement and/or legal issues for individuals. Specifically, “How are traumas resulting from the nuanced intersections of race, gender, and class further compounded by institutions such as mental healthcare and the criminal justice system?” The finished product of this semester long work, titled “Institutional Inhumanity: Punishment Fit for a Crime“,can be found on my Portfolio page.

Woman, mother, sister, daughter, friend, lover, colleague, scholar, writer, creatrix, light worker, consciousness raiser, ailurophile, earth spiritualist, celebrator of life…the list goes on when it comes to the many roles I play in the matrix we exist in. I can honestly say I have lived many lives in my short time on earth. The pages of my book are filled with color that transcends the edges of a page. My story is not easy to unpack at times, far from linear, and admittedly controversial, but it is equally one of resilience, triumph, and love–a love I would come to have for myself and life…an intentional kind of love in spite of it all.

My deepest hope is to have you join me on this journey with an open heart, no judgment, loving receptivity and new eyes. It will require going beyond what you actually see with the  mind’s eyes, everything you think you know and have been told, and using your creative imagination to experience the possibilities of truth I wish to extend here. There are parts of my story that are dark, complicated, and flat out unjust. Those moments are where the cracks developed so light could enter. Those parts of my life, of anyone’s life, were necessary pauses along the way to prepare us for navigating all that lies ahead. While there are certainly moments I would do over, a few I wish to undo…I am deeply grateful for all of them and their collective efforts to bring me to a place where I can offer back the wisdom I garnered from each person and experience along the way.

I am here to share what I have learned on this journey, one hell of a journey no doubt. It is my wish that something I have lived and shared here will serve you. I have no wish to be anything more, than in service to the world, in whatever way spirit guides me– intoxicating the world around me with light and love.

“What is it that never changes even though everything is changed? It is love.” (Soren Kierkegaard, Three Upbuilding Discourses, 1843)

Beautiful day to all my fellow beautiful humans. It is my pleasure to know you, and have you know me…Namaste ❤