A Special Place

Keeping it simple today, but sharing some questions burning in my soul…. What is it about the light of one woman that makes another shudder in the dark? Why do women compete with one another rather than grab each other by the hand, supporting one another in the complicated patriarchal narrative we exist in together?…Read more »

“White Girl”

I had to read an article titled “White” (Dyer, 2000) for my African Cultures Thru Film class last week. I found his perspective extremely interesting, since the topic of whiteness itself is and has been on my mind a great deal lately (and maybe always). Dyer, the author, talks about his understanding of color informed…Read more »

Slave to a System

It was a pleasure to participate in this conversation at the YWCA in High Point, NC on “Mass Incarceration: Effects on Women and Children”, an issue that grows exponentially as we speak. Bodies of color and lower economic status populations are criminalized and commodified, funneled through the prison industry; and it is an industry. Let…Read more »

Really, What in the World?

Hurricanes wreaking havoc, floods displacing families, bodies engulfed in water. People across the globe without access to basic medicines and disease prevention, or proper nourishment. Bodies being trafficked as commodities for capitalist consumerist’s gluttony. People of color being erased, excluded, restricted, regulated, enforced, subjugated and denigrated. Systems of hierarchies separating people by class, women carrying…Read more »