Working For the Good of All Sentient Beings


Warm vibrations to you. It is my pleasure to know you, and have you know me.

My name is Kimberly Martin. I am a graduate student finishing my Masters of Women’s and Gender Studies in May 2019. I obtained my BA of Psychology, with minors in Religious Studies and Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies, from Guilford College University in 2015.

My current research centers carceral studies, prison abolition/decarceration, trauma, women’s autonomous rights and holistic well-being (mind/body/spirit).

As an earth spiritualist, I am drawn to East Asian religious and cultural practices that embody and worship equal parts feminine and masculine, honoring equally the divine aspects of both polarities and all those along the spectrum of humanness. I routinely spend time abroad in SE Asia, both academically and for personal enrichment, to better understand deeper spiritual practices and ways of being in/engaging the world I feel have the potential to transform hearts and wars. I spent the summer of 2018 abroad in Sikkim, India researching and doing field work on the humanity of their prison system juxtaposed against the modern day slavery industry of the United States.

Currently (outside of writing a thesis), I find myself magnetized by ancient Egyptian religious practices and the High Goddess Isis, the Mother of all creation. Alchemical secrets of the universe and goddess worship (in any form/foundation) make my whole heart smile. I  plan to my first trip to Egypt later this year. I long to touch my hand to her earth, to feel her energy, to remember the secrets of higher consciousness once commonly understood by ancient civilizations before governments, greed, capitalism and war became global norms. A return to nature–to the Mother–to her deeply held mysteries and wisdom, is the cure all for the ills of humans/wars.

More personally–I am a complex, nuanced, diabolical, misunderstood, enigmatic phenom. I am the unexplainable, yet quite simple all the same. Occupying various liminal spaces in life, I have been many women in my short time here. More often, I struggled to make sense of them all, to explain and justify them…to excuse and apologize for…to carry on in a world that says you must be this or that, all things while no thing…never realizing they all simply needed integrating, not changing or disposing of. When I accepted who I AM and the life I was given as a gift—not a burden to carry but a space to share with and uplift others— everything shifted.

There are those who imagine trauma as a burden of consequence, but in fact it can be transformed into crazy superpowers. My goal in this lifetime is to highlight the positive aspects that can come of living with and managing post-traumatic stress, whether you are a survivor of direct/indirect violence, racism, sexism, classism, or any other form of oppression. While it’s no simple task, with each passing day, I learn new ways of seeing and engaging the world that have the potential to change my world and the world around me. I hope to help facilitate that in others.

It is my hope to partner with community organizations, sharing my gifts of spirit and lived experience with other oppressed/marginalized persons/populations to help foster esteem, shift self-defeating thought patterns and invoke self-efficacy where motivation is lacking and barriers to success (both internal and external) have stifled growth and development. I feel deeply the suffering of the world. While I realize I am small in the bigger scheme, I also acknowledge my responsibility to not only notice where gaps need to be patched with love, but to do the work in the trenches to help heal those rifts. Your suffering is my suffering. My liberation only comes by way of your liberation.

It is my desire that something I have lived and shared here will serve you. I harbor radical thoughts and quiet expressions, and sometimes none of it makes sense. Everyone won’t understand, and now I realize they don’t all have to. I have no wish to be anything more, than in service to humanity, in whatever way spirit guides me– intoxicating the world around me with light and love. Along the way, may we all touch that experience of freedom we so deeply long for.

“What is it that never changes even though everything is changed? It is love.”

(Soren Kierkegaard, Three Upbuilding Discourses, 1843)

Love All Ways…