Below are a compilation of links to scholarly writings I have done over the past several years during my academic career, ranging from fields of inquiry such as Psychology, Religious Studies and Women’s, Gender and Sexuality studies. Enjoy picking my brain!

Note–All intellectual property found here is prohibited from copyright infringements. Respect for another’s creative prowess and the emotional labors going into their work is paramount. Thank you.

“Institutional Inhumanity: Punishment Fit For a Crime”  (My most recent research)

“Tantra and Sex Rites: A Vehicle for Enlightenment, Liberation and Valorization for Women?”

“The Psychology Behind Social Stigmas Towards Ex-Offenders: How Experience, Environment and Values Color Attitudes Towards Criminality”

“The Burden and Consequence of Manhood”

“Masculinity: An Interpretive Dance”

“Mother-Son Relationships and Their Impact on Adult Male Capacity for Intimacy”

“Sexual Abuse: A Psychological Perspective”

“The Pilgrimage of No Return” (less scholarly but written for academia)

“A Woman’s Place in Pilgrimage”

“Women in Early Mysticism”

“A Haven for Women in a Displaced Space”

“Fallacious or Forgiveness?”