Namaste beautiful ones.

This offering is geared towards folks who are not interested in psychological diagnoses, medical record keeping, and insurance buggery, who prefer a more humanistic approach to dealing with matters of the heart. Maybe you are looking for a more private setting, not intermixed with the energetic comings and goings of those before/after you. What if your guide came to you?? What if she told you from the start you are whole and well, and simply need reminding? I offer my service and a shared space for those who feel deeply tied to the cosmos, and for those who feel a disconnect as well; for those who long for a more singularly unique experience of self-discovery that can only come from being allowed to remove the facade and just be you, A CELEBRATED YOU. I listen and observe with compassion, withholding all judgment. All paths lead home, whatever yours may look like. This is the only fact of life.

I spent 13 years counseling men in the most private domains, regarding their deepest, darkest unprocessed traumas (they have them too believe it or not). I experienced their perceptions of family dynamics, relationships, women and life, while we explored together the motivation leading them to my privatized space to begin with. Through intimate encounters with a diverse population from various continents and cultures, something of a global longitudinal study per say, I healed my own wounds and any misconceptions I held about the men I felt had contributed to those wounds. I learned more than most could learn in multiple lifetimes, because I was open to life, for life. I realized through countless engagements, at the core of every issue is a place where love has been forgotten. Going forward, my life’s journey is to build a bridge of sorts, reconciling the gap of misunderstanding between men and women. It is my deepest joy to be able to share in a way that gives back, bringing it all full circle.

Today, I no longer compromise my personal boundaries or own inner sanctum to address other people’s wounds, in order that I may survive and support my family. I have learned what was needed in that respect and now move forward to be of service in a transformed way. Rather, I am available to endeavor deeper shared explorations of life and its many complexities, together with folks who may need a life-versed friend along the way. I encourage authenticity, removal of all masks, and clear, open communication– with one’s self and others. While my time spent in counsel past was primarily comprised of men, I have a unique insider perspective being a woman myself, into how men view women, need us to show up, and long for genuine unconditional love and acceptance from us. Therefore, I am well-versed in relationship counsel and the nuances of womanhood; our relationship to intimacy, self, partnerships, and specifically to men.

I obtained my BA in Psychology, with concentrations in Religious Studies and Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies from a small private liberal arts institution in 2015. Presently, I am working on my Masters in Women’s and Gender Studies, with a concentration in Counseling and Peace and Conflict Studies, to further my work in the social justice arena, specifically to help heal the world of its many broken hearts. I am particularly adept in women’s issues regarding trauma and its impacts, as well as the many dynamics involved with being a man in our society. It is my desire to be in service to the world in whatever capacity I may serve. I understand experientially why we do what we do as women, why we are at times unfortunately complicit in our own subjugation, and what it means to be the superwoman when the weight of the world falls upon you.

I spent the last ten years on my own spiritual journey, undergoing a healing process that will likely continue the rest of my life. I have both studied and traveled extensively in India and Myanmar while on this journey. With each new encounter and opportunity I am gifted to engage in someone else’s life in an impactful way, I am closer to my desired destination. My liberation is tied to your liberation, to every sentient beings’ liberation. I do nothing for myself alone.

For my Spiritual Communion sessions, I travel to your location for your optimal comfort, where there is less chance for mixed energetic disturbances. I bring crystals with me to attune a proper energetic space. I do not use Tarot. There is no one and no thing to ask about you, outside of you. I sage your space before we begin, and again upon ending (unless you are opposed of course). Upon request, I bring temple incense as well. I typically like to commune with you seated on the floor, with cushions as available. It is the absolute best way to begin grounding.

I allow you to lead the session, embarking on your own journey while I hold a space for you to unfold and address whatever arises in a most sacred safe space. There is no preset process. Each experience is tailored for you, by you, with my accompaniment. My only role is to facilitate in you, the discovery of what you’ve simply forgotten, or maybe to provoke thought into a potential alternative perspective than one you presently hold. Together we empty your mind, clear the chaos, and reset your energetic field. Together we return to love. This may be a singular happening, or a process unfolding over time via multiple engagements. It is with pleasure I make your acquaintance along the way.

Greensboro/Triad Area, NC

  • 60 min: $50
  • 80 min: $70
  • 2 hours: $90


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With Gratitude,

Chasing Eleven ❤